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Are you looking for part time positions?
it`s some information related to part time jobs as below
1. Working area: Seoul & Metropolitan area including Gyeonggi-do like
   Incheon, Suwon,Anyang,Ansan,Bundang,..etc..

2. Student: kids,elementary/middle school students,adults.
   (for tutoring job and corporate staffs,language institutes)

3. Class: conversation class(general conversation/business)

4. Teacher`s qualification:
   Teacher who had a bachelor degree and from mother tonge English countires.
   (experienced teachers are preferred)

5. Email me your photo,resume with a cell phone number first.
   (Email address: david4329@gmail.com)

6. It`s good for you to give me your basic information like your available dates and
   time,where you live…etc when you email me. thanks.